Are you in the market for a private and gated community, one that has a golf course? Perhaps you would prefer not purchasing a home there, but would rather have a condominium. There is a location called The Quarry which has become very popular. It is roughly 4 miles from I 75. It 17 miles from Naples, specifically the downtown area, and just 24 short miles to the International Airport. It is one of the nicer country clubs that you will join. It’s close to everything that you will ever need. The community has multiple links, built adjacent to more than 800 acres of native preserves, and is most well-known for Stone Lake. If you are looking at condominiums right now, you may want to consider some of the ones that are currently for sale at The Quarry or visit this reputable real estate siteĀ

Overview Of The Quarry Golf Course

This is your standard 18 hole par 72 golf course, but it is slightly different because of who designed it. Two architects by the name of Fry and Hurdzan did a fantastic job, one that landed them in Golf World magazine as a couple of the top 10 architects in the US. It does an excellent job of incorporating all of the natural landscapes, which includes education, trees, lakes, marshes, and stones. It is surrounded by villas, custom homes, and condominiums, one of which might be yours if you decide to invest in one there.

Activities That You Can Do At The Quarry

There are several activities that you will be able to do when you get to the quarry. There is a billiard room, card rooms, fitness centers, tennis courts, and locker rooms for everyone that is participating in sports. If you have a boat, you can rent a boat dock, placing your boat on Stone Lake so that you can go out any time that you want. This is one of the fundamental differences with this membership over all of the others. There is a designated lake where people can place their boats and take them out throughout the week. One other thing to consider is a number of the memberships for golfing and social activities.

Golf And Social Membership Fees

Golf fees begin at $35,000 and annual membership dues. Social membership fees are $30,000, which is much higher than most of the other golfing communities because of Stone Lake and the multitude of things that they make available for people that live there. There are additional fees for using the golf cart trails, and there are annual dues that you need to pay. Finally, you need to consider the price of the condominiums that are at this location which is on the higher end of condos in the Naples area.

How Much Are The Condominiums?

The price of the condos is, on average, $1.5 million. They can go as low as $850,000, or as high as 2.4 million. These are exquisite structures, designed for excellence, and you will certainly see the quality put into each one that is made. These will be one of the many residential units at this facility which number over a thousand. You can sometimes find people discounting their condos because they need to move out of Naples. You will need to do research for several days, or perhaps a week or two, to make sure you get the best price. Finally, you need to choose one that is going to be large enough to accommodate either yourself, or those in your family, and there will be multiple units to choose from.

The Quarry is a beautiful location, one that is exemplified by the lake that everyone will use for boating. It also has very nice single-family homes and condominiums, and relatively low golf membership fees and dues. If you play golf there, or if you have visited a friend, good likely seen how nice it is. If you would like to invest your money into a condominium at The Quarry, you should talk with the realtor that is working with multiple clients, one of which will have the deal that you are looking for on a condominium.